About us

Created in 1957 by the late Mr D H Evans, Coleshill Aluminium remains to this day the longest running aluminium refiner in the UK and Europe.

Today the company sits safely in the hands of two further generations of the Evans family, reassuring its future for many years to come.

Company Founder D H Evans

Founded in 1957, Coleshill Aluminium Limited has an established reputation as a major European smelter and has always been known for ‘quality, reliability and price’.

Our foundry is equipped exclusively with mains and medium frequency induction furnaces which produce a consistent homogeneous quality alloy. Standard ingots weigh approximately seven kilograms which are packed in one or half tonne secure bundles. We have, of course, BSI Quality Assurance registration BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our laboratory, is able to provide testing to the standards required by UKAS accreditation, meeting the requirements of both the CAA and MOD.

We are conveniently situated at the centre of the motorway network; deliveries are effected promptly to customers’ instructions by our own fleet of vehicles.

We always carry comprehensive stocks of primary and secondary aluminium alloys to United Kingdom, European and World specifications.

Our qualified technical and laboratory staff are always available to offer assistance and advice with customers’ metallurgical problems.


With the backing of our fully equipped in-house laboratory, we are able to inspect, identify and process all our incoming new material prior to use; all our quality control systems conform to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Click on the link to view our BSI EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate. ISO-9001-2015


In addition to operating our own fleet of lorries for prompt deliveries, we also have the backing of independent hauliers to ensure all our customers receive their metal on time. This service is only made possible as a result of having comprehensive stocks of assorted alloys in our stores.
At Coleshill Aluminium Limited we take great care when it comes to environment awareness; recycling our raw material is only one part of the cycle, we do this in partnership with the local authority and other bodies to ensure that we conform to all Environmental Health and Safety Standards.

Aluminium Federation LTD Testimony

Coleshill Aluminium has been an active member of the Aluminium Federation and its predecessor ALARS (Association of Light Alloy refiners) for most of the 60 years it has been in business.

Throughout that time they have been consistent exponents of quality and best practice in the production of foundry ingot.

They have taken a lead in the UK industry of producing analysis standards to ensure consistency of quality and analysis of alloy placed on the market, and continue to be the main suppliers of these analytical standards to members and their customers.

The Aluminium Federation and Coleshill Aluminium have worked together in promoting the UK aluminium recycling sector for many years and continues to do so.



Coleshill Aluminium Limited
Coleshill Aluminium (Swarf) Limited
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We are members of the following associations:

Aluminium Alloy Manufacturing & Recycling Association
Cast Metals Federation
The Diecasting Society